Lose Weight Now

Dr Karen’s personal session enables your brain to Think Slim, guiding you to better food choices. Food will no longer control you because you get back your control. With Virtual Hypnotherapy, you can get rid of that internal resistance that has been holding you back. Welcome the new better you.

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Quit Smoking

With Virtual Hypnotherapy, Dr Karen Phillip guides your subconscious mind to address and remove your destructive and unwanted habit from its roots. Remove that control you believe a cigarette had over you. Reprogram and empower your mind to eliminate that old smoking behaviour forever.

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decrease anxiety

Decrease Anxiety

Psychotherapy is based on psychological principles with the purpose of assisting people by modifying their behaviour. Reduce those anxious feelings once and for all. Remember – you are not anxiety, anxiety is an emotion that comes and goes and you will quickly learn how to release it and say goodbye to anxiety.

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Wealth Creation

Our internal beliefs concerning money, success and wealth were ingrained into our subconscious without us ever having realised it. Our self-esteem sets what you believe you are worth and you subconsciously sabotage your success to attain your belief.

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Abolish Bad Habits

Virtual Hypnotherapy guides your subconscious mind to address and remove your destructive and unwanted habit from its roots. We have a good part that wants us to stop yet that dark loud part keeps telling us to do it. We dissolve this dark part so you no longer hear it.

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Sleep Through Night

Finally, say goodbye to sleepless nights. This session allows you to regain a good sleep pattern, just like when you were a child sleeping soundly and comfortably every night. It relaxes you to fall gently and soundly asleep and speaks to the subconscious as you sleep.

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Remove Your Baggage

The time has come to let go of your baggage and release pain from the past for good and move on. Our Virtual Hypnotherapy session improves your self-esteem and allows your life return to normal.

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Remove Your Phobia

Conquer your phobia permanently and live free of worry and stress induced by the phobia. Your mind created this illogical fear, therefore, it can uncreate it. Let us rewrite your mind’s program to effortlessly alleviate this phobia.

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No More Lonely Dog

We look forward to helping your furry loved one overcome their loneliness. Our innovative technique uses scientifically designed sounds combined with hypnotherapy sessions that create a wonderful session to benefit your dog.

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Fearless Flight

Overcome the Fear of Flying with Hypnosis. Using a set of simple methods, you will be able to achieve full mental relaxation, removing the sensation of fear and anxiety, and training yourself to feel comfortable when boarding a plane.

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Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy to develop self-confidence session enables you to develop positive feelings about yourself, your abilities and your self-worth. Feel strong and be the person you deserve to be, and no one can take that away from you.

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Clearing Artist Block

Did you know that you can, in fact, Clear Artist Block?

What you are thinking and feeling is revealed in your art! All the technical skill in the world won’t make your painting come alive; your heart needs to engage with the process, and you need to understand how to let it.

When an Artist has Artist Block they lose their ability to focus and inspiration gets clouded and they lack motivation which diminishes their overall sense of self-worth and personal value. We can lose our confidence, it is time to get it back and keep it.

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Stop Biting Your Nails

Give the power to retrain your brain and adjust your subconscious mind to stop this habit of biting your nails. Kick this nasty habit from the comfort of your own home. With Virtual Hypnotherapy, all you need to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax.

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Relationship Recovery

Relationship Recovery

Hypnotherapy for Relationship Recover is a new technique, proven to deliver more beneficial results and let go of past relationships. Use this session to adjust subconscious messages to resolve past issues allowing you to move on stronger and happier.

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Study Smarter

Study Smarter

Your subconscious mind is what stores all memories and lessons. Learn how to access your subconscious mind when needed. Virtual Hypnotherapy enables you to read, learn and retain important and necessary information for later recall.

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IBS and Gut Health

Research has overwhelming evidence that 90% of IBS and digestive disorder symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with hypnosis. Providing powerful messages into your subconscious mind to reduce the levels of anxiety, lowering intestinal tension. It is safe, natural and all you need to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax.

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Overcome Trauma

Enable your subconscious mind to make the changes necessary to let go of those unwanted emotions causing you such despair. You created the emotional attachment to those experiences, your mind, therefore, can uncreate them as well. Use this session to adjust subconscious messages to resolve past issues allowing you freedom to move on more empowered.

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Surfing For Life

Many surfers feel their surfing days are gone or they feel so restricted once older it may prevent you from surfing.

Surf for Life Hypnotherapy session lets you Surf confidently again, like you did when younger. You can get excited to ride the waves and remove that age barrier to regain your strength to feel confident and free again. Adjust your mind, to change the way you think and feel.

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