Become a Qualified Hypnotherapist and receive a Diploma of Hypnotherapy

or update your skills with our Online Masterclasses

Diploma Hypnotherapy |  Masterclass in:  |  Weight Loss  |  Quit Smoking |  Hypnotic Gastric Banding | DSM-5



1st Rate Hypnotherapy Training

Imagine becoming a confident, professional Hypnotherapist operating your thriving practice in less than 1 year. We even teach you the competencies to convert every enquiry into a paid appointment

AHC provides first rate quality education and you are supported all the way with regular Zoom meetings, emails, phone support and student Facebook page. We stay with you all the way.

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Masterclass Hypnosis Training

Advanced Hypnotherapy workshops are conducted online for your convenience.

Begin your journey with our Hypnotherapy Masterclasses. The courses we offer include:

  • Quit Smoking – Become the guru in ‘Quit Smoking’ sessions. 
  • Weight Loss – Become the leader in ‘Weight Loss’ therapy. 
  • Create a Thriving Therapy Practice – Hit the ground running, attract limitless clients. 
  • DSM-5 Training – Learn the diagnostic tools used by Psychologists and Doctors.

The reason to choose AHC, the best of the best Hypnotherapy College

Avoid the confusion about what college to choose.

  • Our curriculum is more extensive than most colleges
  • We cover all areas of Hypnosis training including How to create a Thriving Therapy Practice to attract limitless clients
  • You learn in a friendly, relaxed environment
  • We offer the highest quality of training
  • Our students excel as after graduation we stay supporting you as you begin working in your thriving therapeutic practice