Dr Karen Phillip is multi-talented! She is a published International author on parenting and relationships, writes for the print media, and is a professional Counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Karen is a recognised Speaker, Presenter and media commentator.

Karen has clients all over the world including Industry Leaders, high profile entrepreneurs and celebrity clients. Karen also works with couples, parents and families guiding and assisting them to achieve unity and renewed happiness in their relationships.

Dr Karen holds a PhD of Philosophy in Sociology. Karen specialises in Relationships and Parenting. Karen works with families who are experiencing problems with communication, conflict and child behaviours. Karen is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and assists people to dissolve issues relating to anxieties and stress, depression, phobias and addictive behaviours. Dr Karen also works with numerous Corporate Businesses and Groups, teaching improved communication techniques, personal motivation and direction, workplace and family relationship improvements, and unity within the work group for improved results.


  • PhD of Philosophy in Sociology
  • Masters in International Family Studies
  • Grad. Dip. Counselling, major Family Therapies & Children
  • Diploma of Professional Counselling
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner
  • Naturopathic Nutritionist
  • Herbal Medicine Practitioner
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III in Disability
  • Registered Therapist with Workcover NSW
  • Level 2 E.F.T. Practitioner
  • Appointed Family Mediator with Attorney General’s Dept (FDRP)
  • Fitness Leader and Sports Coach

Must Read Books!

Dr. Karen Phillip writes for many Parenting sites, newspapers and magazines. She is a weekly ghost writer for Body & Soul, New Idea, Essential Child, Dolly, Cleo, Huffington Post. She also also the author of two popular books.

Who Runs Your House, the kids or you?

This book was written for all the parents who are having difficulty with their young child. This book has helped thousands of parents and families around the world.

OMG We’re Getting Married

This book is  written to provide all couples, both pre and post marriage with the tools needed to ensure a long lasting, happy future together.



Dr Karen conducts both personal training and Webinar training for Professional Therapists, Parents And Businesses.


Individual, Relationship, Pre-Marriage, Parenting Matters, Child Counselling.


A Registered Family Dispute Resolutions & Mediation Practitioner With The Federal Attorney Generals Department.

Public Speaking

Dr. Karen conducts Corporate Workshops & Events. Her speaking topics are wide, entertaining and very informative.


Dr Karen works with the subconscious mind to guide behaviour and thoughts where the client requires.’