About Virtual Hypnotherapy

Dr Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. After working with thousands of people in her rooms, she developed Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions so more people can achieve the same success online and from the comfort of your own home. People from all over the world and every walk of life are discovering how to harness the healing power of their own minds to effortlessly repair emotional issues and attract the success and happiness they desire and deserve.

Hypnotherapy is a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestions while releasing negative feelings.

Hypnotherapy aids the minds ability to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies and strengths. It is an alternative healing method used to create positive subconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviour and feelings. These Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions can gently release your blocks and fears, creating a new inner belief to make changes in the way you think and feel.

Please have a look through the sessions to discover the benefits you can receive. Take back control, you deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. What you give power to, begins and ends in your mind.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of heightened awareness during which an individual has an increased receptivity to suggestions while releasing negative feelings. It creates subconscious changes in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings. Positive changes are made at a subconscious level, where our beliefs and habits are embedded. Hypnotherapy is a safe therapy and you remain conscious and fully in control while being comfortable and deeply relaxed. Hypnotherapy is very natural, normal and safe.

Virtual Hypnotherapy has been designed as a complete on-line therapy to allow everyone access to professional therapeutic hypnosis sessions without the high cost, and without having to travel to appointments. Sessions are designed to suit most peoples’ needs. Use of therapeutic language techniques permits this type of Virtual therapeutic work to benefit everyone. Although your eyes are closed, your awareness and concentration heightens. Reports of deep relaxation and comfort of both mind and body are universal. It is a beautiful relaxed feeling so many people are yet to experience in their busy life.

This is a new modern concept for many and has been working successfully for people all over the world for some time. Many people have used the sessions instead of coming into a therapist room. It is virtually the same. The session Dr Karen conducts is a set formula that has taken her years to develop. It works regardless if you are in the room with Dr Karen or doing it in the Virtual room with Karen. Beneficial life changing results are the same.

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Dr. Karen Phillip

Dr Karen Phillip is one of Australia’s leading Hypnotherapists. Dr Karen works with clients all over the world including Industry Leaders, high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities, assisting them to relax and reduce their anxiety levels plus manage and deal with a variety of other issues.

Your world becomes exciting again, mind becomes clear, relationships improve and life becomes lighter, happier and far more enjoyable. You can’t change others, the only control we have is over ourselves. Hypnotherapy allows us to enter into a state of relaxed consciousness.

Dr Karen Phillip can assist you to gain clarity and direction, stop many addictive behaviours quickly, reduce stress and anxiety levels and help you erode that feeling of depression that affects so many. This is the reason Virtual Hypnotherapy was created. All you need to do is select your session and download to your device and it’s yours to use forever.

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